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4 Free Tools To Make Social Media Easy Peasy

Social Media has revolutionized the way we market our small businesses because you can directly interact with your customers, vendors, community, and influencers. The true value of social media is the ability to analyze how your posts are being received and to monitor the conversations happening around your brand. Comprehensive social media management could be

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Qualifying Leads For Wellness Professionals

The process of getting a lead to make a sale is called sales conversion.  It is an important metric to be aware of as a wellness professional. Marketing is all about getting as many leads in the door as possible, or as many potential customers as you can attract. Sales conversion is about figuring out

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What Can A Free Strategy Session Do For Your Company?

Have you always known that you wanted to start your own business? Some people know nearly as soon as they enter the workforce that they are destined to be their own boss. Others come to the idea after years of building skills, know-how, and ambition, particularly wellness professionals and specialists. With enough foresight, you can