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better personal finances

How To Have Better Personal Finances (Part Three)

Better Personal Finances We all want to live a certain kind of life: free of stress, comfortable, able to fund the activities we are passionate about. Your personal finances are the rock to which all of your ambitions are tethered. If you run your own business, your personal finances become doubly important because they are,

better personal finances

How To Have Better Personal Finances (Part Two)

Does talking about money make you uncomfortable, even when discussing payment you are owed? Do you wonder how other people manage to make ends meet when it seems so impossible for you? In Part One, we talked about the importance of understanding your relationship with money and what feelings you formed towards money when you

Carmelo Anthony

NBA Stars Diversify with Venture Capital Investment

When you’re struggling in your daily grind to earn those five solid figures you depend on and come home to watch March Madness, it is easy to envy professional athletes for the millions of dollars they earn every year for playing a game they love. But the unfortunate truth is that many athletes lack the