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Carmelo Anthony

NBA Stars Diversify with Venture Capital Investment

When you’re struggling in your daily grind to earn those five solid figures you depend on and come home to watch March Madness, it is easy to envy professional athletes for the millions of dollars they earn every year for playing a game they love. But the unfortunate truth is that many athletes lack the

Robert Gordon Advertisement

Robert Gordon: Understanding Your Competition and Never Giving Up

Robert Gordon’s story of outsmarting his competition is made of the stuff legends are made of: a deck stacked against the hero, who is nevertheless clever enough to prevail. Robert was born into slavery and managed to purchase his freedom nearly twenty years before the end of slavery, a noteworthy feat requiring financial finagling in

Booker T. Washington

Booker T. Washington and the Power In Networking

Booker T. Washington was born a slave, but when he died in 1915, he was a celebrated educator, Civil Rights speaker, adviser to two presidents, and a closeted segregation activist. Washington rose to prominence by developing a meticulous work ethic, a driving motivation, and through meeting the right people at the right times. Booker T.