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Junior Bridgeman

Junior Bridgeman Built a Powerful Portfolio by Learning, Leading, and Teaching

Ulysses Junior Bridgeman converted a basketball career into a multimillion dollar career in business. His success has come largely from the ways he continually learns from his environment, leads confidently his staff, and mentoring others to be successful in business after sports. Bridgeman spent 12 years in the NBA playing mostly for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Raising Capital

What Are Your Options To Secure The Capital You Need to Fund Your Company?

Your small business requires your passion, know-how, dedication, and hard work ethic. But it also probably requires some amount of cold hard cash, as well. It can be frustrating to know that the only thing stopping you from launching a company is not having the funds. There are a lot of options to get the

Robert Gordon Advertisement

Robert Gordon: Understanding Your Competition and Never Giving Up

Robert Gordon’s story of outsmarting his competition is made of the stuff legends are made of: a deck stacked against the hero, who is nevertheless clever enough to prevail. Robert was born into slavery and managed to purchase his freedom nearly twenty years before the end of slavery, a noteworthy feat requiring financial finagling in

Sales Funnel, Lead Conversion

Qualifying Leads For Wellness Professionals

The process of getting a lead to make a sale is called sales conversion.  It is an important metric to be aware of as a wellness professional. Marketing is all about getting as many leads in the door as possible, or as many potential customers as you can attract. Sales conversion is about figuring out

5 Reasons to Write A Business Plan

Writing a business plan is an important aspect of any business, from multinational corporations to the individual/sole proprietor. Many entrepreneurs mistakenly believe that business plans are only for large companies. The truth is that a business plan is a core piece of material that you need in order to help you stay focused and execute