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Robert Gordon: Understanding Your Competition and Never Giving Up

Robert Gordon’s story of outsmarting his competition is made of the stuff legends are made of: a deck stacked against the hero, who is nevertheless clever enough to prevail. Robert was born into slavery and managed to purchase his freedom nearly twenty years before the end of slavery, a noteworthy feat requiring financial finagling in

Sales Funnel, Lead Conversion

Qualifying Leads For Wellness Professionals

The process of getting a lead to make a sale is called sales conversion.  It is an important metric to be aware of as a wellness professional. Marketing is all about getting as many leads in the door as possible, or as many potential customers as you can attract. Sales conversion is about figuring out

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What Can A Free Strategy Session Do For Your Company?

Have you always known that you wanted to start your own business? Some people know nearly as soon as they enter the workforce that they are destined to be their own boss. Others come to the idea after years of building skills, know-how, and ambition, particularly wellness professionals and specialists. With enough foresight, you can

How to Choose An Accounting App For Small Business Wellness Professionals

Many wellness professionals dislike tracking the finances for their small business. If accounting was your passion, you might have set up an accounting company! Instead, your business represents the things you are passionate about. At the same time, no company, large or small, can overcome poor accounting practices. As your company grows and the finances

Booker T. Washington

Booker T. Washington and the Power In Networking

Booker T. Washington was born a slave, but when he died in 1915, he was a celebrated educator, Civil Rights speaker, adviser to two presidents, and a closeted segregation activist. Washington rose to prominence by developing a meticulous work ethic, a driving motivation, and through meeting the right people at the right times. Booker T.


NBSA Survey Finds Small Business Owners Spend $12,000 on Regulations

The National Small Business Association released a study in January that found, among other things, small business owners spend an average of $12,000 on staying compliant with federal regulations. Fourteen percent of small business owners, according to the survey, spend 20 hours or more a month on federal regulation. In a foreword, the NBSA adds,

Annie Turnbo

Annie Malone: Starting A Business That Fills A Market Need

In honor of Black History Month, we will be profiling four prominent Black entrepreneurs from American history. Throughout February, we will celebrate the contributions Black Americans have made in business and look for insight into how we can be more successful in our own enterprises. Annie Turnbo Malone was a chemist, a business mogul, a philanthropist,