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Health Insurance

What Is An HSA?

Health Savings Accounts are a hot topic of conversation right now because they are a prominent feature of the Republican’s proposed health care bill. This minimalist plan focuses on consumer-driven healthcare, pairing HSAs with high-deductible insurance plans. To boil it down, an HSA is a savings account with tax advantages that can only be used

Junior Bridgeman

Junior Bridgeman Built a Powerful Portfolio by Learning, Leading, and Teaching

Ulysses Junior Bridgeman converted a basketball career into a multimillion dollar career in business. His success has come largely from the ways he continually learns from his environment, leads confidently his staff, and mentoring others to be successful in business after sports. Bridgeman spent 12 years in the NBA playing mostly for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Raising Capital

What Are Your Options To Secure The Capital You Need to Fund Your Company?

Your small business requires your passion, know-how, dedication, and hard work ethic. But it also probably requires some amount of cold hard cash, as well. It can be frustrating to know that the only thing stopping you from launching a company is not having the funds. There are a lot of options to get the

Linda McMahon

Financial Literacy Is the Cornerstone of Business Success

In January the Senate confirmed WWE co-founder and former CEO Linda McMahon to head the Small Business Administration. The vote was nearly unanimous and one of the less controversial cabinet picks of the Trump administration. McMahon has been pursuing politics since 2009, with two failed bids for the Senate in Connecticut. It seems worth mentioning

Headline Analyzer Score

4 Free Tools To Make Social Media Easy Peasy

Social Media has revolutionized the way we market our small businesses because you can directly interact with your customers, vendors, community, and influencers. The true value of social media is the ability to analyze how your posts are being received and to monitor the conversations happening around your brand. Comprehensive social media management could be