Qualifying Leads For Wellness Professionals

Qualifying Leads For Wellness Professionals

Sales Funnel, Lead Conversion

The process of getting a lead to make a sale is called sales conversion.  It is an important metric to be aware of as a wellness professional. Marketing is all about getting as many leads in the door as possible, or as many potential customers as you can attract. Sales conversion is about figuring out which of those leads are actually likely to buy, then providing the support they need to complete the sale. The better you become at sales conversion, the more clients you will have and the less you will need to market.

Marketing efforts cast a wide net, even with the filtering tools available with digital marketing. People will visit your website or read about your product even though they aren’t really ready to buy it or don’t really need the product themselves. This is great! It’s the entire goal of marketing. Word of mouth marketing means that these leads are still valuable, even if they never make a purchase or sign up for your programs. It is important to give all leads a good enough experience that they will consider recommending the purchase to a friend.

However, if you spend all your time trying to sell to people who will never sign up for a program, you will waste a lot of time. The first step to good sales conversion is learning to qualify leads.

Qualified Leads

Simply put, a qualified lead is someone who is ready to sign up for a program, purchase a product, or make a change. The tricky thing is figuring out who among all the leads your marketing efforts have gathered is a qualified lead.

When you reach out to leads, you want to ask them questions that help you decide whether they’ve done any research already, whether they have clear and defined goals to pursue, and if they understand how much your programs cost. If you are talking to someone who seems interested in your program but hasn’t really decided what they’d like to gain from health coaching, they will need additional sales support to reach a stage where they are “qualified.” Or, a person might be completely ready to sign up only to find out they are not able to in some way.   i.e. Not being able to afford it.

Identifying qualified leads helps you use your sales time more efficiently, focusing your efforts where you are most likely to close the deal. You can keep other leads engaged by asking them to sign up for your blog or email newsletter, providing you a platform to nurture them.

How To Qualify A Lead

Many wellness professionals use content marketing to move leads through the sales funnel, but salesman have been closing deals long before the invention of technology. Whether you choose to support your leads with engaging content delivered via a blog or email newsletter, or whether you use a combination of face to face strategies to get your message in front of your leads, your efforts will be more effective if you identify what pieces of information your leads need to decide whether or not to sign up for a program.

Converting leads to qualified leads and then on to clients means providing education, motivation, explaining the financial situation, explaining the value of what you provide and how you can help them.  Prove through good customer service that you are a person worth doing business with. After the sale, backing up your promises with an amazing client experience creates word-of-mouth spokespeople who will advertise on your behalf!

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