Discipline or No Discipline?

Discipline or No Discipline?

Having What You Want Takes Discipline

I had a conversation with my son about discipline this morning I found to be very interesting. I asked him if he wanted discipline or not? As you could imagine he said he’d rather have less of it than more. He also didn’t seem to understand where I was taking the conversation. But before I could explain I started to think about how it feels to do the right things in our business. I thought about how this is what’s needed to write a blog post, do a video and share it, stay focused on what you want without shifting to what you don’t want and It also how its needed to be committed to the goals and dreams you know you can achieve. A great business leader and sales master said “It will take pig headed discipline” to do the things necessary to grow your business to The Ultimate Sales Machine.

As we finished the conversation with him I asked him to think about the life he would want for himself in 5-10 years so we can discuss when he gets home from school. I promised to show him how with a little discipline he could help him achieve those goals. If you are a parent and have a teenager you’re probably very familiar with this type of conversation

How Will This Help You

Checkout the video to see how a little discipline could help change your life or even grow your business.

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