5 Ways to succeed in 2017

5 Ways to succeed in 2017

Success seems to be a a very common word these days. Just go on any social media platform and you’ll find a post or video sharing tips to your dreams or even unlimited wealth. For that reason I was hesitant to write this post. But the more I thought about it I realized what I have to say might help someone. So, let’s dive in.

Before I give you my two cents on success let’s define the meaning of success: “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose” and “a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity”. Let’s focus on the words “aim and purpose”. The truth of the matter is, there is no success if you cannot focus (aim) or there is no purpose for doing it. Since it’s 2017 the first way to succeed this year:

1. No more traditional thinking – Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of things that still work from 40 years ago. But being successful in this new economy will require an adjustment from traditional to more of a modern approach. There are many changes taking place right now that suggest a more modern approach should be used. Look at college, there are more online classes than there ever were. Many students, young and old, are learning more in the online space because it’s more convenient. Look at the landscape of media. When I was young TV would go off around 1am. For those of you reading this younger than 40 you may not have experienced this in your lifetime. Now media and TV is 24/7, it never turns off and you are your own channel thru social media. So if you wanted to start a business there is no reason to go to school. All you need to do is model a successful business, get a mentor or coach and you would not only save money on college fees but you’d save a lot of time.

2. Be more proactive – When you’re proactive you won’t be surprised when things happen to you. Many people are waiting to do things before they decide to move.

3. Don’t just talk about it, Do it – Talk is cheap. If you find yourself talking with no one listening then it’s time you do something. My pet peeve these days is hearing someone talking about something they want but don’t do anything. I’m definitely not perfect. Business and success has not come easy for me. I use to talk more than I did too so I get it. There comes a time when you just gotta shut your mouth, and DO.

4. Don’t be afraid to change – In this new era of the internet and social media it’s forcing everyone that did things traditionally to change. I was in the group of people that were part new school but mostly traditional. Many of my friends are stuck in the old systems. Most of which are too afraid of change. If you want lasting success in 2017 and beyond, change is a must.

5. Have a clear vision of your future – If you want something you don’t have today it time you right it down and make an action plan on how you will achieve it. See the truth is success is merely just the results of someone’s vision.

Success in 2017 will go to those that can see the vision and where the real opportunities lie. Good Luck.

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