3 Ways to Overcome Fear and Accomplish Your Goals

3 Ways to Overcome Fear and Accomplish Your Goals

The one thing that holds millions of people back from accomplishing their goals is fear. Winston Churchill stated when he was asked if he ever was fearful before a battle said “I never take counsel from my fears”.

Just think of all the times you convinced yourself not to do something. It could have been lose those nagging 20 pounds, start that business you’ve been want to start or even saying yes to speaking in public. If you’ve battle fear and are ready to accomplish your goals here are 3 sure fire ways to be successful.

1. Use your imagination – Using you imagination can have a profound impact on what you can accomplish. Since it’s be very easy for you to convince yourself you can’t do something, try this. Take 15 minutes per day to think. Turn off the TV, Cell phone, Computer, get away from the kids, etc. Have some alone time. And in your mind imagine some of the goals you want to accomplish. Instead of trying to force yourself to believe you can do something start by thinking “suppose” I am able to lose 20 pounds. Supposed I’m about to have a successful business. Supposed I was great speaker. This is the beginning of reprogramming your subconscious mind. Take it a step further and say “this could happen”, “after all it is possible.”. Can you start to feel how that would make you feel?

2. Accept negative feelings as a challenge – This was hard for me since it’s never easy to accept when someone says or does things that could hurt how you feel. There are people that live their life to prove people wrong they are doubted. What if you could do the same thing. Turn that negative feeling into a positive response that empowers you to over come what’s been said you can’t do. I’m sure there are many of us that were told “you’ll never amount to anything” when we were young. In fact I can hear clearly those words from members of my church when they spoke to me and my brothers. I prove them wrong everyday.

3. State who your are – This is an interesting one. When you say “I’m the kind of person that” ____________. When you use this phrase you tell your subconscious how you should respond in this type of situation. When I was young someone told me I was shy. It was probably my parents, whom I love dearly. Because I was told I was a shy person, I did everything to support that feeling. It took many years to realize I’m not shy. I suffered a lot because I thought something was wrong with me. But when I started saying I wasn’t shy and I liked talking to people. Things dramatically changed. Now I say things like I’m the kind of person that empowers millions people people through my blog, speaking and in my business. What kind of person are you?

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