15 Options for Fast and Easy Time-Tracking

15 Options for Fast and Easy Time-Tracking

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Solo entrepreneurs need a suite of tools to automate the tedious administrative tasks associated with running a business. Last month we talked about <link> some of the features and things to look for when choosing basic accounting software to keep your finances organized. But if you are running a service-based solo start up, such as a wellness professional or freelancer, you need to ability to track time and create invoices.

There is an overwhelming number of programs available online to help you accomplish these goals. Most of the apps in this list are accounting apps at their core, with time-tracking and invoicing features. However, a few of these are the other way around where the time tracking and invoicing is the key reason to use the software.

Although this list only begins to scratch the surface on how many apps are really available, they all revolve around a suite of features that is relatively standard. More than anything, this list can help you quickly compare pricing and scope of the app.


Nutcache is first and foremost project management software that includes time-tracking and invoicing as additional features. This program offers an extensive free program that covers just about everything a one-person company needs.


Tsheets focuses on time tracking and provides companies the ability to completely customize the software to their needs. This software is completely free for single user teams.


Hiveage is primarily an invoicing platform, although they have a range of features for tracking time, expenses and estimates. There is no free plan, and the smallest option is $15 per month.


MyCase is software designed for law firms and single practice lawyers to manage cases, track time, and send invoices. There are two tiers of pricing depending on who is using the software.


Ronin focuses on invoicing, time-tracking and payments.There is a free trial plan with no time limit that allows one person to use the software for two clients. Most solo companies could manage at the smallest plan of $15 per month.


Invoicely is another invoicing, time-tracking, payments combo. This software has a limited free plan, although most solopreneurs would have all the features they need from the $9.99 monthly plan.


Function Fox tracks time and also offers project management and more. Function Fox starts at $35 a month and offers a free demo.


Paymo has a time tracking component, but the software also includes project management, scheduling and accounting. Paymo offers a free trial and a simple, ala carte fee structure after.


Vericlock focuses on team time-tracking, which means the software features are not designed with the solopreneur in mind. THis service starts at $15 per month.


Minterapp is primarily a time-tracking and invoicing tool that integrates into other programs. MInterapp starts at $10 a month.


Bill4Time is a simple tool for time-tracking and invoicing on the go. This option also starts at $15 per month.


Accountsight focuses on time and expense tracking, with a number of app integrations to keep business tasks as automated as possible. There is a free plan that includes up to two clients.


Clicktime is primarily a time-tracker, but there are other features for project planning including project insights and analysis. The basic plan is $10 per month.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is first and foremost a time-tracker, with extensive analysis tools to help you understand where your time is being spent online. There is a free plan with limited features and a solo plan for $5 per month.


Harvest is a time-tracking and invoicing platform with a number of other accounting related features. There is a limited free plan and the solo plan is $12 per month.

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  1. Marc-Antoine L├ętourneau

    Interesting list Kate, thanks! Over the years I’ve tried a couple of those apps and I always come back to Nutcache. Love their multiple timers feature!

    1. Kate Fassett

      Thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed the post.

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